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History of: Voguing

“Come on, Vogue, let your body move to the music!” 


We are living for the latest feature of “Voguing” in the latest issue of Vogue Arabia (photo below). The magazine features models like Nora Attal, Malika ElMaslouhi, Nour Risk, Hayett Belarbi, and Layla Griess among others giving it their all for the camera!
But what is Voguing and why is it so influential? Interested in knowing?
For too many, Madonna’s hit single will be their first and only connection voguing as dance, fashion and subculture.
Others might have became aware from shows like Pose. 
While some will understand what it is to vogue from the 1980s Ballroom scene in NYC that dates back all the way to the 1920s. 
It started with young creatives who were passionate about fashion but couldn't not always afford the fabulous things they saw on in fashion magazines. Their reaction? Well, they created this dance where they mimic the poses models did on the pages of their favorite fashion magazine, mostly Vogue. hence the name “voguing.” 
Imagine this: hands stretched up high and fluttering down to frame the face, hips swaying, legs jumping up and down with arms swinging back and forth... t’s dance—but not as you know it. A giddy mass of flying limbs, sashaying hops and pouty faces. 
Madonna was introduced to Voguing and loved it. She released her song "Vogue" and the rest was history. They song, and dance, took the world by storm and became a cultural phenomenon.  
The mimicked became the mimickers as we now see models “voguing” on Vogue!
Looking at models' poses in magazine's nowadays, many with exaggerated hand and body movements, fierce looks, and sass all around, we can say that the father of voguing, Willi Ninja, would be proud.
So just VOGUE!