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Our Story



On an August day in New York City in 2003, Rae Joseph and her sisters were enjoying the retail therapy experience on New York City’s 5th Avenue. Trying to escape the heat, they went into a cafe and sat to chat and take a break. On the table next to them was a sharply dressed older gentleman sitting by himself. Hearing them talking about what they bought earlier, the gentleman said hi and introduced himself as Jack, the owner of a private vintage showroom on the second floor. They started conversing and Jack was telling them about his showroom, explaining the concept of vintage fashion - a concept they knew very little about at the time. He offered to take them to his showroom and promised that they will find pieces better than anything they saw earlier in their day. Mesmerized with what he said, Rae and her sisters immediately agreed.

Rae was completely taken by the beauty of what she saw. The space was filled with exquisite pieces; fashion treasures by Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Chanel, you name it, Jack had it! It was like walking into another dimension of chicness and ultimate glamour. This was the exact moment Rae fell in love with vintage fashion. You can say the rest was history. 


Rae’s academic studies and professional career took her in a different direction. She studied law at Columbia University in New York and practiced as a corporate attorney in New York and Saudi Arabia. That said, fashion - specifically vintage fashion - was always Rae's real passion and the pursuit of vintage beauty took her all over the world. Noticing the exquisite pieces she wore, Rae’s friends started asking her to purchase vintage pieces for them, and she did for a number of years.

Finally, after nearly Fifteen years of her first encounter with vintage fashion at Jack’s showroom, Rae decided to bring the exquisite world of vintage fashion to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf area by establishing the region’s first local vintage fashion house, 1954.